Annual conference 'Investments and construction of office and administrative buildings 2015'

What lies behind the successfully completion of office buildings? The answer in general is: A number of factors and processes and their correct coordination - from the market environment and the idea to the conception and planning, financing, designing, construction, market realization and management. Behind all these processes there are groups of professionals, but the goal is the same - the end product to serve the users effectively, while to meeting the expectations of the investor.

The Annual conference "Office building construction and investments 2015", part of the Innovation Forum Series 2015 will outline and summarize the main trends and the good models in the separate parts along the road of the investment process.

Main accents

- Investments in office buildings - how to create quality assets

- Quality design of office buildings - а key challenge in creating first-class assets

- Innovative approach in façade engineering as a main component in office buildings design

- Best practices in design – improving the quality of the work environment by achieving energy efficiency and optimization of operating costs by using smart building solutions

About Building Innovation Forum Series:

Building Innovation Forum Series is a series of events, organized by The CITY Media Group, related to the best practices in modern buildings construction.

The forums provide a public platform for discussion of leading professionals associated with the realisation of the most challenging building projects: industrial, business, commercial, sports, health, schools, residential buildings with public functions and others.

Lessons identified within the events of the Building Innovation Forum Series, complement and update the basic criteria for evaluation of the candidates in the National contest 'Building of the Year'.

The conclusions identified during the events part of Building Innovation Forum Series, complement and update the base criteria for the evaluation of the candidates in the National contest 'Building of the Year.'